The Lehmbruck archives

Plans for establishing a Lehmbruck archive reach back to the founding times of today’s Lehmbruck Museum. This task has been implemented since May 2011, and was made possible due to the purchase of the Lehmbruck estate. This archive is a collection point for all information and archival material concerning the life and work of Wilhelm Lehmbruck, and is being prepared for research purposes. In the long term, the Lehmbruck Museum will be established as a globally leading centre of expertise for the work of the most important international German sculptor of the first half of the 20th century. A museum library accessible to the public is also being prepared that will have more than 60,000 volumes.

Please address all queries about the archive to:

Andreas Benedict
P: +49 (0)203 283-3206
F: +49 (0)203 283-3892
archiv [at] lehmbruckmuseum [punkt] de