Upcoming: Julian Opie

Duration: 23 May to 1 September 2019

British artist Julian Opie is a master of rigorous simplification. As a co-founder of the New British Sculpture movement, he belongs to a group of artists who developed new and far-reaching impulses for sculpture from the 1980s onwards. His paintings, computer animations and sculptures play with the codes and conventions of popular everyday culture.

Opie populates the glass hall of the Lehmbruck Museum with his larger-than-life “Walking Figures.” Striding across the glass hall, they are duplicating the movements of passers-by on the street. The latter automatically stop in mid-stride to look at their doppelgangers in the museum space. Even though they don’t know these persons, they seem familiar.

Using the current visual language of logos and pictograms, Julian Opie creates a repertoire of signs that can be grasped visually in a matter of seconds. He succeeds in giving the seemingly anonymous visual language of advertising a personal face. Under its surface of smoothness and perfection, the postdigital world opens up to emotions and private moments that will remain imprinted in our memory.