Gerhard Losemann – C-Prints

The Duisburg-based artist Gerhard Losemann is celebrating his 80th birthday this year. The Lehmbruck Museum takes this occasion to dedicate a studio exhibition to the artist, which will be the first and most extensive so far to present Losemann’s little-known recent works in which he uses digital imaging techniques.
The reference point of Gerhard Losemann’s work as a painter is the landscape, whose representation he steers towards abstraction in a consistent and nuanced manner. Starting with drawings of real situations, he employs a wide range of artistic techniques to develop pictures reduced to colour and forms. At the same time, he inserts highly diverse materials (from common whelks to insulating foam) into his works, thus expanding the scope of his creative practice. During the past 15 years, Losemann has also increasingly used digital imaging techniques.

Duration: 24 May to 5 August 2018

Supported by the Sparkasse Duisburg-Stiftung and the Cultural Advisory Council of the City of Duisburg.