Wilhelm Lehmbruck and Sally Falk

In 1915, during the First World War, Wilhelm Lehmbruck met the textile manufacturer and art lover Salomon, called Sally, Falk (1888-1962) in Mannheim. In the two years that followed the latter was to become Lehmbruck’s most important patron. Their acquaintance grew into a fruitful symbiosis: Falk, who supplied uniforms to the army command, supported the sculptor by paying him a monthly annuity. In return he annually got to choose works for his art collection from Lehmbruck’s studio, in addition to commissioning works himself. In 1916 he also brokered Lehmbruck’s first and only solo show in Germany during his lifetime at the Kunsthalle Mannheim. When Falk’s company was liquidated in 1917, he owned one of the largest Lehmbruck collections in the world, comprising almost 100 pieces.

Featuring exhibits formerly owned by Sally Falk and additional works created during the War, this exhibition offers insights into Lehmbruck’s creative output during the First World War.