Rebecca Horn

Hauchkörper als Lebenszyklus: 24 November 2017 – 2 April 2018

Exhibition of the 2017 Wilhelm Lehmbruck Prize laureate

Rebecca Horn’s works are immediately captivating; they mesmerise and fix themselves in our memory. Moveable sculptures assume a life of their own and take us out of our everyday environment into subconscious spaces.

This exhibition presents for the first time the artist’s new, large-scale sculptures, the “Hauchkörper”: larger-than-life, pointed brass sticks moving towards and away from each other in precisely composed choreographies. Their seemingly endless slow movement has a meditative effect, slowing us down and making us immerse ourselves in our inner self. Cyclical movements have been a distinct part of Rebecca Horn’s oeuvre from the 1970s to her feature films of the 1980s to her current kinetic and sculptural pieces. Everything revolves around human beings and their souls, human beings with their dark sides, too, with the machines they created for themselves, human beings and their ability to overcome their own shortcomings through beauty.