Sculpture 21st: Christian Keinstar

Christian Keinstar (*1975 in Tczew, Poland) is a more than unusual sculptor who produces the most astounding materialities, effects and events with his projects, performances and installations, whether it’s glowing iron shining from the midst of pieces of concrete, blood-red extinguishing water sprayed over the Nevada desert, a spatial and acoustic scenario created in a transport container, or objects energised by him. Keinstar also teases new possibilities, such as a bizarrely deformed industrial gothic style, out of traditional sculptural processes like modelling, shaping or casting.

He was therefore invited, as the holder of an Innogy Foundation scholarship, to develop a large-scale presentation for the north hall, three sides of which are glazed, as part of the “Sculpture 21st” series of exhibitions. It will revolve around the project he has worked on for a year during his scholarship, an unanticipated adaptation of an existential cast metal piece – to say more would be telling.

Funded by the Innogy Foundation


Illustration (detail): Christian Keinstar, Piece of Evidence, 2015, (c) Künstler